For a long time, I felt aimless, like the goals I’d set for myself in life were all but out of reach and I was just going through the motions.  When the time was right (and the Universe sent me signs), I quit my job and started planning for a big move.  It took more than six months to prepare, during which time I sold my house and put a rooftop tent on my car…and in late June, I set off on a journey.  I’ve always envisioned setting a “snail’s pace” for myself, taking time to wander and explore and also look backward and forward at my life.  Then I realized that “Snail’s Pace” in a URL also looks like “snail space,” which is exactly what my tent is like – a home that travels (or wanders) with me wherever I go.  Thus, I present to you the story of my Wandering Snail Space.