Day 21: Rainbows

Today was a long and somewhat frustrating day of driving. 

By evening, I was about 12 miles into a 20 mile drive uphill to my campground – on a narrow, winding, mountain road with steep drop-offs conducive to a a maximum speed of 10-20 miles per hour – when I said right out loud “I don’t wanna do this. I can’t do this.”  My inclination was to turn around and drive to Phoenix or San Diego immediately, as I have friends in comfortable houses waiting for me in both cities.  Both cities would have been at least a 4 hour drive…but at that moment, I didn’t care.  I wanted to hit the eject button.  Abort. Mission

Then, right around the next bend in the road, as if on cue, a rainbow appeared above the tree line.  Okay, Universe, I know you’re looking out for me.  I know you’ve got good things on the horizon, and I just have to stick in.  I hear you; message received. 

That rainbow turned into a double rainbow as I continued up the mountain.  And giant sequoias started appearing, dotting the forest along the road.  The temperature dropped from a balmy 98 to a cool, refreshing 72, and then it started to rain.  It was lovely and refreshing and welcome.  And tonight I’ll get to enjoy it from inside my tent for the first time, and it will be music to my ears. 

I don’t know what lies ahead of me in this life, figuratively or literally, but I believe there was significance to the good stuff I found around the bend in that mountain road.  Even though it doesn’t come naturally to me, I’m gonna try to be patient and remain open to good things coming my way.   

6 thoughts on “Day 21: Rainbows

  1. This journey of yours is unfolding in such perfection
    So cool to be along with you through your well written descriptions of an amazing Roadtrip with so many great side trips
    Like watching a cool 🎥 🍿

    Liked by 1 person

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