Days 9, 10, & 11: Tahoe

When I first got it in my head that I could drive Lyft after I resigned from my job and before I headed out on my travels, I dismissed it quickly.  Then, the very next morning, I got an e-mail (as a previous rider) alerting me to a new driver’s bonus program…and I figured that was my sign.  I had no idea what the Universe had in mind when she introduced me to the experience, but I believe now she intended to connect me with special people (and places).

One Sunday morning, I picked up a couple from a hotel in downtown Portland; they were in town for a family wedding.  In the course of our twenty minute ride to their destination on the east side, I told Kent and Betsy of my upcoming travels, and they were both excited and concerned.  “Aren’t you afraid to travel alone?” Betsy asked.  “Not really…but maybe kinda; I’ve made lots of preparations,” I replied, accustomed to the question and also still thoughtful about it.

Before she left the car, she said, “We have a house at Lake Tahoe; would you like to come stay with us?”  Well, yes, yes I would.  That sounds lovely.  And she gave me her contact information.  As her husband got out of the car to meet family, I could only imagine what he would say to them: “Betsy is inviting a random person to our house…!”  And that’s the first thing I said when I showed up a few weeks later, “Has anyone else considered the fact that I’m showing up here a nearly complete stranger!?”  Indeed, they admitted they’d thought about that…everyone but Betsy, that is.

I had envisioned sleeping in my Snail Space in their driveway, maybe having a couple of meals with them, but instead, they were so kind and generous they gave me my own room and welcomed me to immerse myself in their comings and goings for the long weekend, which I happily did…and it was an experience I’ll never forget.  Lake Tahoe is beautiful, but new friendship is even more beautiful.

To make a long story short, I had the most wonderful three and a half days with Kent, Betsy, and her funny, sarcastic brother Marty (whom I came to introduce as my uncle).  We ate, we drank; (I spilled milk and BBQ sauce, and no one cried); we hiked, we boated; we shared stories, laughed, and I even shed a few tears (telling them of Gma and her moon); we journeyed quickly from strangers to friends.

It’s a beautiful thing, meeting someone and just knowing you’ve found a kindred spirit.  For me and Betsy, that’s what happened.  She talked of the next time I visit them, and I have no doubt we’ll meet again.  DailyOM’s e-mail topic of the day yesterday was walking through doors: When a door opens, walk through it. Trust that the door has opened for a reason and you have been guided to it.  I believe that to be the theme of so much of what’s going on in my life right now – and what’s been happening for the last six months – and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited to continue stepping into new spaces, meeting new people, and creating new opportunities for a full life.

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