Day 7: Stones

Neil Diamond says, Some days are diamonds; some days are stones.  My day was stones.

I got woken up in the night by something wandering around my site.  I don’t suspect it was a human, but I wasn’t super concerned until it…huffed.  It let out a loud-ish snort-ish noise, and I didn’t like that at all!!!  My first instinct was to put on my glasses…cuz, you know, if you’re gonna be devoured by a wild animal, you wanna see it coming.  The “protocol” for bears (my concern here) is to make lots of noise.  Instead, I froze. Quiet as possible.  Glasses on.  Petrified.  Of course I didn’t sleep well after that.  Then  I woke up late.  And groggy.

To top it off, I had car “trouble” en route to my hike, probably from taking my Civic on rocky mountain roads meant for higher-clearance vehicles (if I could manifest a Subaru, I would).  Then everything just sort of went haywire from there.  All is well (or will be), but it was just a frustrating and…sort of fruitless day.  Probably meant to teach me some sort of lesson, I imagine.  [eye roll]

I never made it on my hike…but I did treat myself to dinner at an adorable Italian restaurant not far from the car shop, and my waitress was delightful (and let me sit and soak up their WiFi for some time).  She was definitely the bright spot in my day – and the Bolognese sauce, which was delicious.  Then the clouds (which I’ve hardly seen in the bright blue skies here!) just floating softly above the mountain tops… So idyllic.  Hard to imagine all the devastation that’s come from those peaks in the past – and surely will again someday.  At least my day just felt like stones.  I guess I should consider myself lucky none were spewed at me from the top of those volcanos!  😉

Tomorrow will be diamonds.  I’ll make it so.

One thought on “Day 7: Stones

  1. ugggghhh!…I guess car trouble is a thing in Eden too 😦 Glad to hear it was not too bad. Your instincts seemed to have been good with the camp intruder. Probably Deer or Elk (Bull Elk are more dangerous than bear in during Elk mating season Sep-Oct). You will know when to make noise vs. be quiet and keep those glasses, flashlight and bear spray close! You have the right attitude, this day was a rock for sure but it takes rocks to make diamonds!

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